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Lovell & M-Jai Scotton

Lovell & M-Jai Scotton, are Disciples of Christ as well as non-paid missionaries for God! Everything they do is to help people in need. As GOD is The CFO, of  "Coffee FEEDING KIDS, is just  another Blessing that God has given them to share with others in this common, cause.They have been married for 18 years, and are proud parents of three young men,
11,15, & 16, with the older one having cerebral palsy, cognitively delayed, autism, an ADHD. They have such a Great Love & passion for kids.

Ruben & Maggie Cardenas

Ruben Cardenas, former Vice President of Gano Excel and his wife Maggie Cardenas have partnered together with the founders of Coffee Feeding Kids Lovell & M-Jai Scotton. Ruben & Maggie are new partners to the Coffee Feeding Kids organization, and they both are extremely committed and have a total commitment to making this program a great success for everyone.